Is Chinese Language Difficult To Learn For Indian Students.

Hello! I am a student of class 6 .I study Chinese. Chinese is said to be difficult but it is very easy to learn if you concentrate. It is good to learn different language but you will have to focus while understanding it to make it easy to learn. Every Language will scheme to be difficult for you to understand if you don’t pay any attention to it. Chinese Language is very easy. First of all you should understand the pronunciation because many words scheme to be different in writing but have different sounds. Secondly, you should know every thing about radicals. Radicals are the main characters from which words can be made.You will also have to know Chinese Pinyin. Pinyin are the words that are known as Chinese Simplified. You should even know Chinese to English translations to be perfect. While speaking Chinese you should maintain tones and you will have to speak fast in a awesome speed. When you are writing Chinese take care of one thing that you should maintain gaps between characters and write them neatly so that every one can understand it. You should learn about Chinese History and about Chinese places. Practice Chinese by Taking Self Tests. Also see Chinese Videos to make yourself understand perfectly. During Exam Time don’t be pampered and be  be confident, Not over confident because confidence will make you up and over confidence will make you down. Practice as many times as possible to be perfectly sure about you exam. Make Learning fun for yourself. And most important thing pay attention in your classes.

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