Conserving Wildlife

As we all know that we celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3 March every year. But on this day every year a thought comes in our minds that are we really conserving wildlife? Answer will be NO! Because we all hurt animals and poke them for fun. We all are afraid about they will hurt us. Instead if you start loving and saving them you wont be afraid and they wont be killed. Several species such as tiger and elephants are decreasing day by day because of hunting them for your household decoration and blankets. Looking forward at this government has banned hunting of these animals. Has you seen a sparrow by so many years? NO! because they are being killed by your electric wires. Many animals like this are being killed by increasing population. Even humans have also blamed animals for their fights such as Muslims killed many cows to make Hindus ashamed. Whereas in foreign countries cows, buffaloes, roosters, turkey, fish, goat, mouse etc. are being killed for human meals. Humans are cutting trees and forests as they are home to the wildlife and many wildlife species are being homeless. Start conserving animals before you are too late. We should maintain this world  and make it better for wildlife. If you want to shoot animals just use cameras for having a look of their beauty. Start saving your striped friends. Cage for prisoners, not for animals!

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One thought on “Conserving Wildlife

  • May 12, 2020 at 12:10 am

    they are not leapords they are cheetahs and a snow leopard


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