Describe how you celebrated on your friend’s birthday

Last evening I celebrated my friend’s Muskan’s birthday. I enjoyed very much with all my friends. I will describe here how I celebrated.

I got a handmade invitation card from Muskan stating that I was invited for her birthday. She invited her all fifteen friends. On the invitation card, one line was mentioned that this birthday party will be a theme party of “Famous Leaders”. I was excited. I called all my friends and decided about what costume they were going to wear and what character they are playing. I decided to become Sonia Gandhi. Atul became Narendra Modi. Aakash became Donald Trump. My friend Naina become Angela Merkel. And Diksha became Smriti Irani. All friends became like Lalu Yadav, Arun Jaitley, Suresh Prabhu, Arvind Kejriwal, Adityanath Yogi, Barak Obama, Rahul Gandhi, Mamta Banerjee, Kim John and many others.

On birthday evening I reached Muskan’s home. Muskan wore a saree and wig of Indira Gandhi. I was so excited all friends were there with their own selected character. All were very happy because Muskan’s house looked like an Indian Parliament or United Nations World Conference.


Muskan cut the cake. We all wished her for her success in life. Muskan also arranged like a conference hall where one conference table was there and 20 seatings. On every seat, there was one water bottle one dummy mic some papers and files. We looked like we were attending a world leaders summit. We discussed there on some world issues and we pleased to work on peace, prosperity, global warming, climate change and terrorism.

Kim John also ensured that he will stop any nuclear tests now onwards and agreed to dismiss their nuclear launching pad. We all leaders there placed for peace and prosperity. And help small countries with their infrastructure, health and education. and we all condemned terrorism.

After that, we enjoyed delicious dinner. Muskan start the music system and play latest party songs where Kim John danced with Donald Trump, Mamta Banerjee danced with Narendra Modi all leaders started dancing and enjoying. That scene was amazing.

This was a memorable party organised by Muskan. I never forgot in my whole life. That was a unique party. We learned a lesson about how to stop terrorism, poverty etc and how we will keep our planet safe.

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