How to draw and paint a drawing neatly

How to draw and paint a drawing – 10 tips and tricks

Sketching and painting is a really fascinating hobby and is used to create an engaging picture in your mind on sheets. Many people though don’t take painting as their part of life, yet many are obsessed with its beautiful outcomes created. Beginners can use simple pictures as their starters and then further can move on to level once.

Taking a base

taking a base helps you avoid any kind of disturbance that might be created due to either any substance or the holes. Use canvas or cardboard as a base. If you have a plain flooring, use flooring as your base for best results.

Take a picture in your mind

taking a picture in your mind helps you to get an exact idea of how you will draw a picture and what size is it going to be. It gives you the idea of the size, texture, colour, shade and shadow of the picture. You can also take a picture as a source on the internet or in a book. But for that, you will have to copy the image somehow and try to understand the shades if not given.

Start with a pencil

Use an HB pencil to draw the figure. Note that you don’t leave the pencil between the line, complete your line, and then leave the pencil. Take care not to draw many lines overlapping the same line. And use the pencil lightly don’t press it hard. Draw the figure neatly without any spots.

Sketching the picture

once you are done with your pencil, you can now start sketching your picture with a marker or a sketch pen. Take care to overlap the pencil while sketching and not to leave any object unsketched. For neatness, let your marker dry and use an eraser over it to remove excess pencil on your picture.

Painting with texture

Before painting decides the texture and colors to be applied to the particular place. Paint the background first if you want the painting to focus on the object. And if you want the background to be as a part of the object, paint the object first. Use bright colors and try avoiding mixing acrylic, poster, and oil paint on a sheet. A painting should consist of one type of paint. Also, you must have some knowledge of the color wheel and color mixing.

Using the Brush

take a set of brush and get to know about the brush strokes. Use a thin brush at compact areas and a wide brush at open areas. it is important to use the brush in a proper direction.

Using the shades

shading is one of the most important parts of the painting that helps the painting to become more and more beautiful. Shading also has some protocols like every other step in painting. Shading is to be done with lighter to a darker shade. use a light shade and overlap a small part of it using a darker shade than it, repeat the process with several other shades to receive a beautiful shaded region.

Use Masking tape for straight edges

if you consider drawing a straight line freehand with a brush then you are wrong, your control over the brush must be “perfect” for it. but using a masking take for drawing straight lines helps to create straight lines in seconds without any disturbance. apply masking tape and love your brush at its edges and you got a perfectly straight line!

Finishing your painting

finishing your painting simply means giving the end tones to your painting such as applying the texture of hard and soft surfaces using the dry paint, basically the effect of shine. Once you are done with your painting sketch your painting once again so as to provide it with the neatness with a permanent marker. It gives a really beautiful effect on your painting.

Preserve your masterpiece

protect your painting from the surroundings. If you are hanging it make sure you keep your painting in a frame to avoid the dust and sunlight. Don’t roll your painting, keep it straight in an art file as required by your sheet.

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