How to Improve Handwriting Skills

Everyone wants beautiful handwriting because It tells the viewer about your personality without even seeing you in person! If you want to improve your handwriting skills, whether you are a kid, student, or their parents then these tips are going to help you.

Which Type of writing you have?

Everyone has their style of writing some people keep it simple, some people like print type, while some feel comfortable with cursive type. This largely depends on what type of writing have you been writing since your childhood. Most people prefer cursive as it is relaxing to write and one feels more comfortable with the working of the pen/pencil fluently. Hence, it is important to understand your type of handwriting and follow the same type throughout.

Choose the Right Pen.

One may find different types of pens in the market based on their design and working, but it depends on you that what kind of pen you need for your handwriting. Everyone has a different style of holding a pen and hence you may feel uncomfortable with certain pens. So it is most important to choose a pen that comforts your hand and maintains the fluency of your writing.

Have a Grip!

The style of holding a pen differs from person to person. People use different fingers to maintain a grip and balance the pen. Though it depends on your easement but to have beautiful handwriting one should use Index finger for this purpose. Index finger helps you gain total control over your hand and hence the curves and lines are beautifully written giving a neat look.

Uneven Letter Spacing.

One thing that makes your handwriting untidy is an uneven gap between letters. People write letters of words with too much spacing or leaving very little or no gap between the letters at all. You should leave equal spacing between letters as equal gaps define your neatness.

Maintain Gap!

Another thing that makes your handwriting look disordered is uneven gaps between the words. One finger gap is most desirable for having neat handwriting. So, take care that you leave one (estimate) finger gap between two words while writing.

Slants in handwriting define you!

People have different slants in their writing, the types of slants are no slant, right, and left. You develop slant because of your constant practice but your slant defines your personality. The slants in your handwriting describe you and that is why slants are the most important thing in handwriting.

No-Slant:-  People with no slant habits are said to have logical thinking and are hardly affected by emotions. This may tell that you are practical and have a realistic sense of what is happening. People with such habits are bold enough to hold their words and issues.

Right-Slant:-  People with such skills have a heart-centered, friendly, sentimental, and impulsive person. This quality of your handwriting will make the reader go into the deep thoughts of your words since you attract the people with your emotions, even if you didn’t intentionally think to do so. This also presents your great bond with family and friends and help you express your emotions easily. It makes your personality lively and active.

Left-Slant:- It represents that you are a me-oriented person. This kind of slant in handwriting tells that you are reserved and don’t interact with people. It tells that you are more self-examining. This type of handwriting presents that you prefer to work with things rather than working with people.

These are some ways by which you can improve your handwriting and make you look beautiful and neat. These were certain ways by which you can make your handwriting neat and legible. Follow these steps and improve your personality through your writing.

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