How to play Stapu

Stapu is an outdoor game mostly played in India. Its also known as Hopscotch Stapu is a game that everybody can play with any number of players. Stapu is made with boxes and numbers written inside the boxes from number 1 to number 10. It’s not compulsory to write numbers till 10 but you will need valid boxes and the numbers can be continued as long as you want. The first end is called Start and the last end is called Sea. Remember use one of your leg to jump on boxes.

  • How to play Stapu?
    Take a nice stone that is flat from all sides and can be in any shape. First throw the stone on first number. Leaving that particular box jump on all the rest boxes. On your last box turn back and reverse. When you reach the box on which your stone is, pick up the stone and jump on start. Repeat this on all the boxes of numbers. If the stone goes in wrong order or set on a line the player is said to be out and is asked to wait for his/her chance to come again. When you come on the sea. Throw the stone with all your pressure. If it goes too long ask any member to give you glasses. Glasses are number of footsteps taken by the player to make your stone near. Ask the player for glasses he/she needs. And take that particular number of footsteps. Say the player to look up and make crosses with that stone on that place. Say the player to honestly close him/her eyes and jump on the cross. If the player jumps on any other place he/she is again said to be out. If passed again jump on the boxes just as you did in the beginning but reverse the counting by starting from back. Again repeat the cross process when on the start. When you are over with this you can turn behind and throw the stone anywhere you wish. If the stone drops on any box the box is said to be your house and no one can step on it. If any person is still playing you will have to divide the box into two halves one as your house and the other as the left players box. When you have made your house on all over the Stapu you are said to be the Winner!
  • This is how you can play this Indian outdoor game Stapu.

3 thoughts on “How to play Stapu

  • February 18, 2016 at 4:26 am

    Good and Intersting outdoor game for buzy scheduled childrens i liked it…

  • April 16, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    This post made me remember my childhood days. I really liked playing hopscotch stapu and I think this is the best way to encourage your child to play outside. Today I take part in tournaments and use the most forgiving driver and practice on indoor putting green with my kid so he also takes up golf. I will encourage him to play hopscotch also now. It will help him develop good things required to play golf. Hopscotch is so good for improving body control, coordination, etc. which is a must for playing golf and that is why I play golf so well.

    • June 13, 2020 at 5:21 pm

      Thanks, Nethan for sharing your views. I am very happy to hear that it makes you remember your childhood days.


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