How To Write Neatly

As some people don’t have that neat handwriting and they want to make their handwriting beautiful, this article will help them a lot. Buy a neat smooth notebook and a good quality pen. Daily try writing as much as you can at-least 2-5 pages on a holiday. you can choose any text. Best is to write your notes again and again. Do this method for 1 month. Best time to change your handwriting is summer vacations. You waste 2-4 hours in a day in playing, doing unnecessary things, sleeping in afternoon etc. you can take just 1 hour free out from your schedule for handwriting. This can help with your whole life. After one month compare your past handwriting with present one, any change in both? Almost yes or maybe no. if your answer is no then try writing again for half month more. Did your handwriting changed? Comment the answer!

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  • April 4, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    How is Your Handwriting after doing this method post your comment here!


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