How to make PowerPoint Presentation

Getting started with PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most used facility, used to create an animated presentation of slides to represent a topic. Powerpoint is basically a type of movie maker if used efficiently.

How to get PowerPoint

Powerpoint is easily available as software on any of the Microsoft websites. You can either have a free version of it or can buy the software from the company. Also, you can use PowerPoint online available in the outlook and many other websites. Once you have PowerPoint with you, it becomes easier for you to create a presentation.

Adding multiple slides

At first, you see a blank slide containing a text box and a subtitle box with a slide menu on the left-hand side. To add a new slide right click on the slide menu and click the option “Add new” from the drop-down menu.

How to add a new slide on PowerPoint

Adding a Template or a Design

To add a design or a template click on the Design tab from the top menu and apply any of your chosen designs. Using a design gives a beautiful type of effect on all your slides. Using design is your choice a slide can also be made beautiful without using a design.

How to add a template or design

Formatting the PowerPoint Slide Background

formatting the slide background is another way of making your presentation look interesting. Unlike design templates, it can be applied as per our choice on each slide individually or to a group of slides altogether. To format, the background right-clicks anywhere on the slide and click the last option saying “format background”. Click on “format background option, A dialogue box will open as shown below make the changes in the dialogue box as per your requirements.

how to make your slide interesting without using a design template   format background settings option

Adding Transition to a slide

Transition means how you want your slide to enter. Basically, it is the way of entering the slide with different effects such as dissolve, fade, etc. Adding a transition helps the user to pay attention to what is happening. It moves in an effective and interesting manner. The new version you have the more 3D transitions you get.

Inserting an Image, Video, Clipart, etc into a Slide

If you wish to add anything into the slide just go to the Insert tab from the top menu beside the home tab and select any of your desired wishes to be chosen from the tab. Clicking on any option will take you to your file explorer from where you can choose your file and continue with your work.

inserting various contents into a slide

Adding Animation to an Object in the Slide

adding animation to an object is to present that object with action so with the purpose of attracting attention towards it. To add animation click on the object you want to add animation to and click on the “Animation” tab beside the “Transition” tab on the top menu.

Overviewing The Slide

once you are complete and wish to see your slide from the starting wither click on the “Slideshow” option in the top menu or press the “F5” key in your Keyboard. If you wish to see your website from the current slide you are on, go to the “slideshow” bar and click “from the current slide” option.

overviewing your slide in powerpoint presentation

These are the things you should be familiar with in order to make a Powerpoint Presentation. To know how to make a professional Presentation check out my next article.

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