Nutrition In Plants

Living Organisms are called non mortile.
We get nuterients from food.

Co2 is Carbondioxide and O2 is Oxygen and N2 is Nitrogen.

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Carbohydrates          Fats                           Proteins                    Vitamins & Minerals           Roughage/Fibre
(energy)                  (energy)          (Maintain or repair)              (protective food)              (proper digesion)

Proteins are also called Body Building Food.
⦁ Modes of Nutrition i.e. Types of nutrition
                                                    Types Of Nutrition

Autotrophic Nutrition                                                         Heterotrophic Nutrition
(auto:self, trophic:nourishment)                                    (Hetero:others, trophic:nutrition)
in this mode of nutrition organisms                               In this mode of nutrition organisms
prepare their food themselves/own                               are depend on others for their food.
their food. Only Green Plants are called                        Such animals are called Heterotrophs.
Autotrophs.                                                                          Example – Human Beings, fungi,
animals, non green plants.
Autotrophic Nutrition


Photo- Light (sunlight), Synthesis- to combine (to prepare)
What Is Photo Synthesis?
It is the process by which green plants prepare their own food by using carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight And Chlorophyll.


Carbondioxide + Water are Reactants i.e. Raw.

plant Plants get Co2 through Atmosphere & O2 is released in atmosphere.

Just As we need heat to cook food the sun light gives heat to react Co2 and water together and in same way chlorophyll helps in storing the sunlight’s heat.

When the plant store carbohydrates they form starch.

Plants —->Proteins —-> Growth. Plants make proteins with Nitrogen. The way the Guard Cell expands or shrink decides the size of stomata/stomatal opening.

Plants get proteins through Nitrogen.

nitrogen                                      nodule

The bacteria helps in purifying Nitrogen that is usable for plants.

Specially suffered by leguminous plants (pulses). N2 cant be used directly by plants  so  bacteria called rhizobium  helps in making N2 to a usable form.

Non leguminous plants don’t have Bactria they get N2 by fertilizers provided by the farmer.

fertilizersCell is the basic material for life.

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Heterotrophic Nutrition ( Non Green Plants)

Parasitic Nutrition

It is the mode of nutrition in which an organisms of its valuable nutrients.

Eg Parasite Take Nutrients While Host Gives Nutrients.

A is The Host And B Is The Parasite.

Insectivores Plants 

Have chlorophyll -> Green -> Photosynthesis

For plants that grow  in soil with no nitrogen.

leaf                            picher

a pitcher releases sweet smell that attracts the insect. As the insect moves the lid closes because of imbalance of plant.After the insect is trapped the walls of pitcher releases digestive juices that converts the insect into liquid form full of nitrogen. The juice is moved to all parts of plant while the dead body is make manure in soil.

Saprotrophic Nutrition

In this mode of nutrition an organism feeds on dead and decayed organic matter in solution from their surroundings . Such as Fungus, Mushroom, Bread Mould.

mushroomthe mushroom sends strong digestive juices that converts the decayed matter into liquid form used for growth of mushroom. The mushroom sucks the juice required for its growth.

Symbiotic Relationship

in this mode of nutrition 2 organisms get profit while only one works.


Eg – Lichens

lichensHere in Fungus Chlorophyll is absent and in Alga Chlorophyll is present.

By This I End Here Read More About Many Things.

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