How To Be Perfectly Ready For Your Olympiads.

I wish to share my experience during my preparation to Olympiad examination with you. To be perfectly ready for your Olympiads you will have to concentrate. First focus on the main subjects that are coming in your Olympiad Exams. You will also have to learn beyond your syllabus from extra books, internet or even books of higher classes. To be perfectly ready read the chapter as many times as possible. answer all the questions on your own don’t take any help if urgently needed ask from any elder. Don’t leave any question if no negative marking. because you may get little marks for even your wrong answer. If there is any negative marking don’t attempt the question you don’t know or you may lose your marks. Be sure about your answers. Don’t panic and give the exam confidently. Don’t answer any question by chance. Don’t use any dark pencil. Don’t answer any question two times. Learn and Revise as much as possible. Take the required material. Attempt the questions first with a pencil then use a pen to darken your answers. Read the questions carefully, understand the questions then answer it. Keep patience and take your full time to answer you questions. If any confusion ask your invigilator about that question. Don’t answer any question without explanation. These are the ways with which you can be perfectly ready for your Olympiad examination. So, if you want to success any examination not only¬†Olympiads you should work hard in proper manner. After all, Hard-work is the key to success.

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