How To Be Ready For Your Final Exams

You can’t get great marks by studying 1 or 2 days before your exams. You will have to study more than your regular studies. First learn all the notes given by your teacher. To learn properly write the chapters once and read it thrice. Then complete the chapter and the exercises from book. Don’t think that you are perfectly ready for your exam because this will ultimately make you overconfident and make you result go down. Revise you syllabus as many times as possible. Read again, Write again, Prepare again and be perfectly ready for you exams. If there are any extra questions complete them too. Extra prepare from internet. Ask your teacher, parents or any elders about you doubt if still not clear you can have a look at any video. If you don’t understand anything be honest and ask you teacher about the questions you are not clear with,ask about it as many times you don’t understand it without any hesitation. Revise everything before giving your exam. The most Important thing for you exam will be a perfect morning to have a happy day. And to make your morning perfect don’t argue with anyone on any topic.get up in morning with a smiling face. Be hygienic and get ready neatly. Study early morning. Talk politely with everyone. The most important is to not waste even you single second upon anything. While going to school revise you testing chapters in the vehicle. If you go by walking record you sound some days before and hear it while going to your examination place. Revise you chapters in any free time. Don’t pamper before giving your exam or don’t be nervous while giving you exam. If you have any doubt in you question paper without hesitation ask it from your invigilator. Take you full time to give you examination. Try to complete it before as you need some time to check and revise. First check you haven’t left any question. Then check you have written your answers correctly then revise all your answer sheet with full concentration. Don’t be in a hurry to give you answer sheet give it when taken your all time. Keep positive thoughts in your mind. Hard work is the Key to Success!

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