How To Score High Marks In Mathematics


Scoring marks in mathematics is as easy as ABC. Make a time schedule in which you must leave one hour for mathematics. Practising mathematics every day can result in big achievements.


For understanding mathematics you must follow these steps:-

  1.  Try understanding the concept on your own.
  2. Learn the formulas (if any).
  3. Try solving the questions on your own.
  4. Practice similar types of questions.
  5. Take help of your School Or Tuition teacher if needed.

If you are popping with doubts then it is a good sign for you! You must take help of your teachers as it results in increasing your knowledge. The most important topics in mathematics are:-  Algebra (Logarithms, Matrices & Determinants & Quadratic Equations), Co-ordinate Geometry  (Parabola, Circle, Ellipse, straight lines and Hyperbola and more), TrigonometryStatistics and ProbabilityDifferential Equations (Linear Equations in one variable, Linear Equations in two variable), Exponents And Power, Cube And Square Roots and Mensuration as these topics follow in higher classes with some additions.


When you are attempting the exam you must take care that you write each step with all the information, because it presents that you know all the steps and the examiner doesn’t get any chance to deduct the marks. Thus, you are rewarded with a larger share of marks. You must also take care to leave at least 2-3 lines after every question and leave 1 line after every sentence you write.Try not to make the paper congested. Try not to make mistakes and if it has happened then don’t scribble the sheet, just make a neat cross and move ahead. This leaves an impression that you are a responsible child on the examiner and helps the examiner understand the sums more easily.Start Early and began raising the bar…..

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” –  Albert Einstein

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