Silk Fibre

Silk is a natural fibre.

It is produced by a Silkworm.

Stages of a Silkworm.

  1. Egg Stage
  2. Larva Stage
  3. Pupa Stage
  4. Adult Stage (Silk moth)

Egg Stage


A female moth gives at least 500 tiny eggs on a mulberry leaf  and never com back.

Larva Stage


After hatching the baby worm starts eating the mulberry leaves whole day and night till it becomes 8 times bigger.

Pupa Stage


After becoming 8 times bigger the pupa releases its saliva in a thread form (Silk) . It is harder form of proteins mainly.  The saliva forms a shape of number eight. This forms a cocoon. It does not eat anything in the cocoon.

Adult Stage


A male moth does not lays eggs. Female moth lays eggs.

Preparing Silk Fibre

As escaping of moth would break the fibres and make it rough. The cocoon is kept in hot water before the moth could escape.


After boiling the cocoon the fibres separate and the moth die.


Stitching is done by combining of many cocoon fibres together.


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